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Common Questions

What if I don’t realize I am grieving?

A) This is a very common occurrence. Many individuals are grieving and depressed yet not aware.

Below are examples that may result in grief.

  • Health issues – injury, short-term illness, long-term illness, chronic illness
  • Relationship changes – divorce, war, trauma, miscarriage, empty nest, loss of pet
  • Job/School changes – new job/new school, unemployment, demotion, retirement
  • Death of a loved one – accident, long-term illness, suicide, homicide

What can I expect from working with My Guiding Light Counseling?

A) An individual session will be 50 minutes long in a comfortable, safe environment where you can share your confidential story.

How can I understand the grief process?

A) Grieving is a normal reaction to trying to make sense and cope with the loss of something or someone in our lives.  Loss is a universal experience. Loss can be of a person, friendship, job, expectation, major change in one’s life. Grieving the death of a loved one is unique for each person. There is no timeline of how long it will last. Grief does not end, but it does change. You are never “over it.” I look at the uniqueness of my clients and their experience with loss and grief. I am there for my clients as they tell their story of loss, and I help them create a new story of who they are today.

Dr. Alan Wolfelt’s Bereaved Reconciliation Needs:

1.  Acknowledge the reality of the death.

2.  Embrace the feelings.

3.  Remember the person.

4.  Develop a new identity without the person living.

5.  Find meaning.

6.  Get ongoing support.

Will I ever feel happy again?

A) Yes, I believe you can go on your grief journey and you will find hope and happiness again. I believe you will find your new normal.  The human spirit is strong and resilient.


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