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How Can Adults Help Children Grieve?

Adults can help children grieve by Listening to their story. The child's voice needs to be heard. Keeping to the regular schedule so children feel safe and comforted Using correct words ("Your father has died.") Encouraging the children to talk and ask questions Answering what they want to know in language they understand Explaining that their feelings are okay Being there for ... Read More


Feeling Like an Empty Nester?

Congratulations to those of you whose teenagers entered college! Taking your teenagers to college is a huge milestone for both teen and parent(s). No matter how big your teenager is, including six feet tall, he/she is still your child....your baby. It was your parental goal from the beginning to have your child become responsible and ... Read More


Grief and the Holiday Season

The holiday season is "supposed to" be a time of happiness, family and friend get- togethers, and the season to be merry and jolly. For those grieving the loss of a loved one, the holidays may be an extremely difficult time of year. Ways to cope this holiday season: 1. Find your own way to grieve. Some ... Read More

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